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Re: cockatoo

Posted by Kitty.J on 11/19/06
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    On 10/11/06, Jessie wrote:
    > On 10/11/06, melissa bohannon wrote:
    >> i just bought a cockatoo today. so im really new to all
    >> this. i would like to know what kind of cockatoo he is.
    > Please forgive me for being rude....but WHY ON EARTH would
    > you buy a Cockatoo not even knowing what it is?????
    > Who sold you this bird? Shame on this person.Cockatoos are
    > of the most sensitive of all the parrot species and most
    > certainly not for beginners. I will assist you only because
    > care about the bird. And, I highly recommend you listen to
    > any and all advice people give you on this site. There are
    > some very good people here who will also be very upset by
    > this as well.
    > Describe this bird please... And the cage size... and what
    > you are feeding him....
    > My guess is if this person was irresponsible enough to sell
    > you this bird, you probably did not get the corrent info
    > about caring for him either.
    > Jessie

    First off, listen to everything someone says
    secondly, they are not like any other bird, and like all big
    parrots CAN NOT be caged for a long amount of time or you'll
    have a very BIG problem on your hands.

    I'd suggest going to