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Re: Cockatoo Stomping? Aggression, Fear or Happy?

Posted by Fran on 11/07/06
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    On 11/07/06, Brian wrote:
    > Hi,
    > Would like to know of this behaviour. I have been doing my
    > homework on the Internet and have seen many different
    > responses to this behaviour.
    > I believe with my bird it's fear or possibly territorial.
    > He is new to our home, although very content, does not
    > have a desire to bite unless getting too close for his
    > comfort, but he is getting better with that too. He is
    > gaining our trust. He is a 16 year old (not 46 as
    > previously posted) rescue bird and we have also changed
    > his name, thinking possibly he would do better Not to
    > relate to his past name.
    > I really like this forum as there is alot of very good
    > information here. I actually read through this forum
    > entirely before deciding to acquire a Cockatoo, formerly a
    > Macaw owner.
    > Thanks, Brian
    Brian, my cockatoo stomps too. I think it's just a "too
    thing". She usually does it when she is relaxed. I think
    every bird is different though. Here's a link with a lot of
    talk on the subject. Good luck with your new baby.