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Re: Cockatoo Stomping? Aggression, Fear or Happy?

Posted by Brian on 11/07/06
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    Hi Fran,

    Thanks for the link. It was most helpful.

    Fran. I have to say that I really love your approach to
    adopting birds. I have followed all your comments in the forum
    and I agree totally. There are way too many birds, esp.
    Cockatoos in the Rescue program.

    As I posted earlier, after doing extensive homework on the
    internet and asking questions, We had acquired a Moluccan Too
    from a Rescue. All he needs is someone to give him love and
    the attention he needs. The lady who was fostering him also
    had another Too so she was glad that we were able to give him
    a loving home. Needless to say her home was quite kaotic with
    2 Toos. They fed off each other.

    In the first few days he has been here with us he has became
    very content and slightly vocal ( which is okay at this time,
    ha ha). But to Us, the vocal shows he is happy and willing to
    talk to us. And also we had to watch his eating habits as he
    refrained from eating for a day, so we hand fed to ensure he
    ate something. Now he is fine. A little piggie to be exact.

    He will eat out of our hands, but is still fearful of touching.
    He meaning Tucker (previous life was Lucky, but not so Lucky)
    is making greqat strides as to communicate with us and
    believe he will learn to trust humans once again. But, like I
    told him. We have nothing but time.

    Thanks for your input and should I have other concerns, may I
    call upon you again? Take care.


    On 11/07/06, Fran wrote:
    > On 11/07/06, Brian wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> Would like to know of this behaviour. I have been doing my
    >> homework on the Internet and have seen many different
    >> responses to this behaviour.
    >> I believe with my bird it's fear or possibly territorial.
    >> He is new to our home, although very content, does not
    >> have a desire to bite unless getting too close for his
    >> comfort, but he is getting better with that too. He is
    >> gaining our trust. He is a 16 year old (not 46 as
    >> previously posted) rescue bird and we have also changed
    >> his name, thinking possibly he would do better Not to
    >> relate to his past name.
    >> I really like this forum as there is alot of very good
    >> information here. I actually read through this forum
    >> entirely before deciding to acquire a Cockatoo, formerly a
    >> Macaw owner.
    >> Thanks, Brian
    > Brian, my cockatoo stomps too. I think it's just a "too
    > thing". She usually does it when she is relaxed. I think
    > every bird is different though. Here's a link with a lot of
    > talk on the subject. Good luck with your new baby.
    > ubb=get_topic;f=2;t=000878#000000