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Re: Trimming the flight feathers of my cockatoo

Posted by Lena on 11/07/06
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    On 11/07/06, Fran wrote:
    > On 11/07/06, Lena wrote:
    >> I have a question I hope someone can help me with. I am
    >> taking care of my fathers cockatoo for a while and I need
    > to
    >> trim her flight feathers and I do not know how. Can
    > someone
    >> help me or tell me how much it can cost to take her
    >> somewhere to get them done? Thanks a bunch.
    >> Lena from Tucson Arizona
    >> MSN Messanger : Lknew80
    >> Yahoo Messanger : Entitysjester
    > Hi Lena, I would take her to an avian vet, they can also
    > clip her nails if needed while you are there. It shouldn't
    > cost very much, but you can check when you call. Here are
    > two avian vets in your area. Good luck with your
    > babysitting :).
    > Michael Samuels
    > 3113 E. first Street
    > Tucson, AZ 85716
    > office phone # 520/323-9912
    > Drs. Judi Keller and Rebecca Lamarche
    > Desert Hills Pet Clinic
    > 5016 N. Oracle
    > Tucson, AZ 85706
    > office phone: 520/293-8788
    Thank you so much. I am acctually calling right now. For anyone
    else who is intrested the cost for the flight feathers is $11.00
    and the cost for the nails is $16.00. The avian vet will
    require you to have a physical workup which is around $38.00

    Might be different in other area's but it will give you a ruff

    Thank you again for your help.