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Re: Why wont she eat certain foods

Posted by Brian on 11/07/06
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    Hi Lena,

    We have recently acquired our Cockatoo. Yes, I know what yor
    saying about their eating habits. As our little guy came from
    a Rescue we have been giving him lots of different things to
    Today eat ate Pork Chops with us, of course obsorb and extra
    grease with a paper towel. Along with this throughout the day
    I gave him some kernel corn, apple wedges, banana slices, a
    few sunflower seeds and a couple of peanuts he had to hull.
    My reasons for this was to observe what his likes and dislikes
    were. I have also been going through the cupboards and
    rerigerator and trying to every little thing that is possibly
    good for him so for a variety. He also has a pelleted diet on
    the side. It has been an experience, but your bird will tell
    you what she/he likes. Today I went to the grocery store just
    for our bird, well, except for the donuts, ha ha.
    I have found some good advice on the Internet for Cockatoo
    feedings, but I believe it will basically be trial and error.

    I hope this helps too,


    On 11/07/06, Fran wrote:
    > On 11/07/06, Lena wrote:
    >> My cockatoo isn't eating the fruits and nuts I buy her. Is
    >> that unusaul? Is there another way for her to get that
    >> protein and nutrients that she needs?
    > Lena, Cockatoos can be very picky eaters. She needs a
    > variety of foods and you are right to offer fruits and
    > veggies (no avocado). Also cooked pasta and beans are good.
    > A bird formulated pellet is a good main diet, Harrisons,
    > Roudybush, Zupreem, there are many brands. When you take her
    > in for her wing trim would be a great time to ask your vet
    > about getting her to try different foods and a good diet.
    > One hint, if you are eating and enjoying a food, your bird
    > will be very tempted to try it :).