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Re: Why wont she eat certain foods

Posted by Lena on 11/08/06
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    Thank you for the responses all. Great info in there. She seems to
    always turn down the fruit and veggies but she loves potatoes that
    are mashed and fried. She loves crackers and peanuts. She will throw
    out the seed that had fruit in it and eat the regualr seed. I just
    wasn't so sure that if I was eating it was ok to feed her what I was

    Thank you so much!

    On 11/07/06, Debbie L wrote:
    > On 11/07/06, Brian wrote:
    >> Hi Lena,
    >> We have recently acquired our Cockatoo. Yes, I know what yor
    >> saying about their eating habits. As our little guy came from
    >> a Rescue we have been giving him lots of different things to
    >> eat.
    >> Today eat ate Pork Chops with us, of course obsorb and extra
    >> grease with a paper towel. Along with this throughout the day
    >> I gave him some kernel corn, apple wedges, banana slices, a
    >> few sunflower seeds and a couple of peanuts he had to hull.
    >> My reasons for this was to observe what his likes and dislikes
    >> were. I have also been going through the cupboards and
    >> rerigerator and trying to every little thing that is possibly
    >> good for him so for a variety. He also has a pelleted diet on
    >> the side. It has been an experience, but your bird will tell
    >> you what she/he likes. Today I went to the grocery store just
    >> for our bird, well, except for the donuts, ha ha.
    >> I have found some good advice on the Internet for Cockatoo
    >> feedings, but I believe it will basically be trial and error.
    >> I hope this helps too,
    >> Brian
    >> On 11/07/06, Fran wrote:
    >>> On 11/07/06, Lena wrote:
    >>>> My cockatoo isn't eating the fruits and nuts I buy her. Is
    >>>> that unusaul? Is there another way for her to get that
    >>>> protein and nutrients that she needs?
    >>> Lena, Cockatoos can be very picky eaters. She needs a
    >>> variety of foods and you are right to offer fruits and
    >>> veggies (no avocado). Also cooked pasta and beans are good.
    >>> A bird formulated pellet is a good main diet, Harrisons,
    >>> Roudybush, Zupreem, there are many brands. When you take her
    >>> in for her wing trim would be a great time to ask your vet
    >>> about getting her to try different foods and a good diet.
    >>> One hint, if you are eating and enjoying a food, your bird
    >>> will be very tempted to try it :).
    > My guys love cream of wheat with a little applesause or oatmeal
    > with applesause at night. I give them a warm cerial before
    > bedtime it sceems to be their favorite. During the day they get
    > fruits, veggies and a good pellet diet and what ever I'm eating
    > they love cream cheese on a bagle, tuna fish on whole wheat even
    > peanut butter on toast. I try everything, the best veggie that
    > they love is baby carrots since they can play with them for a
    > while before eating them. They had chicken parm the other night
    > and loved that too! The tomato sause wasn't too attractive on
    > the white feathers but it came off in his spray in the am. Try
    > giving them what ever you eat, No Chocolate or anything with
    > caffine my guys try everything even my teals get some too I just
    > chop it up smaller for them. My CAG is the biggest piggy of all
    > she will eat anything. They love cheerios too my kids taught
    > them that. If your eating it give them a taste then after a
    > while they will look forward to trying new things. Good luck.
    > Debbie L.