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Re: Why wont she eat certain foods

Posted by Cindy A on 11/11/06
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    On 11/07/06, Lena wrote:
    > My cockatoo isn't eating the fruits and nuts I buy her. Is
    > that unusaul? Is there another way for her to get that
    > protein and nutrients that she needs?

    I have 7 rescued birds in my home. I have learned to try the
    same food in differnt sizes. Some birds will eat a veggie if
    it is grated but not if it is chopped or sliced. The first
    weeks are a trial time. Some birds need to have the same food
    day after day before they will even taste it. It all depends
    on the bird and what they learned to eat before they came to
    your house. When I get a new bird that doesn't eat anything
    healthy I put a small amount of the new healthy foods on top
    of the things I know they will eat. This gets them to handle
    the new foods. Keep trying, as long as they eat something
    it's ok if it takes a while to get the healthy foods in them.
    Cindy A