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Post: Is your Cockatoo a Lazy bird or active one?

Posted by Brian on 11/11/06

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    Just curious to find out the behaviour of eveyones bird.
    Ours seems to be active in the a.m. hours, eating,
    chewing, eating, chewing, etc. and then prefers to sit on
    his stand and take in the rest of the day observing. A
    little play in the afternoon, chewing in between and then
    a little more activity when the p.m. is upon us. Then at
    night he sings out for us for a few minutes and then its
    back to his observing state. I don't think he is at all
    bored, just content. But, he is an old M2 too.
    Just curious with others 2s and how their day is.
    Thanks, Brian

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