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Re: Getting a cockatoo

Posted by KittyJ on 11/16/06
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    On 11/16/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    > Many of you may know me, or not. And may know that since I
    > was young I fell in love with a white cockatoo. Later i
    > learned that was a sulfur crested cockatoo. And later(I
    > wont be getting the bird now) I will be getting either a
    > greater solfur crested cockatoo or a pink cockatoo. I am
    > well informed about problems, housing, and cost, and all
    > of that. But I dont want two cockatoos and am torn in half
    > about which to get. These both are both great birds.. any
    > suggestions or comments. Or stories about your birds is
    > appreciated thanks!

    Also I forgot to mention Im also thinking of getting a
    moluccan cockatoo.. stil doing my research :)

    And also later in life, I also want a greenwing macaw and a
    african grey. Those may change but dont get upset if I post
    Questions about those, thanks :)

    I love doing reserach, that is one big reaosn Im rarel on
    anymore that and school.