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Re: Getting a cockatoo

Posted by Brian on 11/18/06
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    On 11/18/06, aubrey wrote:
    > My opinion and only that
    > I have a moluccan and to be honest, I don't think they should be
    > kept as pets. There is too much bird there. I don't think it's
    > fair to them to be kept in cages for 50-100 years. They have
    > such powerful beaks. They deserve to be able to spread their
    > wings and fly. I was told all this before I bought one but I
    > didn't believe it. Since being around the moluccan and other
    > parrots, I have seen that she is very different. In the wild,
    > they don't pluck or kill their mates. It's something that we
    > humans can take credit for. Knowing what I know now, I would not
    > get a large macaw or cockatoo again.
    > That said, I think the smaller cockatoos make better pets. They
    > seem to do much better in captivity and aren't as likely to do
    > as much destruction should one get excited and bite you. I
    > really like the umbrellas, goffins, and rose breasted. I think
    > the smaller cockatoos make better companions. I would consider
    > getting a rose breasted, goffins, or bare eyed baby if I ever
    > wanted another cockatoo.
    > Best of luck to you.

    Thank you Aubrey for reinforcing what I was trying to inform this
    gentleman. I totally agree with you. My M2 was Rescued from our
    local rescue. He is 42 years old. A person can only imagine how
    many of these birds are in Rescues because of behavioural
    problems, because people have no clue how to handle them when they
    start getting out of control. has many, many, many of them. Some with past
    mutilation problems. These birds are not for everyone.
    Maybe they will think you too are an Advocate for Cockatoos.

    Thanks again,