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Re: Getting a cockatoo

Posted by Penny Jean on 11/19/06
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    On 11/19/06, Kitty.J wrote:

    > Thanks for the heads up. I too agree with you. Thats why I would
    > rather have a rescued bird and give it a permament home then
    > create more to the problem by buying from a breeder. Right now Im
    > talking to a rescue about helping out and getting a U2 who's owner
    > doeasnt have much time for it and its screaming a lot because its
    > caged A LOT. And a bird no one really knows what type of bird it
    > is, so its a mystery bird. The rescue was told it was a african
    > grey and another person todl them it was an amazon. And no
    > worries, Im going to see th ebirds first to see if we can take
    > them both in.

    Kitty J, I notice you are giving away budgies or parakeets because
    you say you have too many birds.
    Are you giving away birds to make room to bring in more?