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Re: Getting a cockatoo

Posted by Kitty.J on 11/19/06
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    On 11/19/06, Penny Jean wrote:
    > On 11/19/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> Thanks for the heads up. I too agree with you. Thats why I would
    >> rather have a rescued bird and give it a permament home then
    >> create more to the problem by buying from a breeder. Right now Im
    >> talking to a rescue about helping out and getting a U2 who's owner
    >> doeasnt have much time for it and its screaming a lot because its
    >> caged A LOT. And a bird no one really knows what type of bird it
    >> is, so its a mystery bird. The rescue was told it was a african
    >> grey and another person todl them it was an amazon. And no
    >> worries, Im going to see th ebirds first to see if we can take
    >> them both in.
    > Kitty J, I notice you are giving away budgies or parakeets because
    > you say you have too many birds.
    > Are you giving away birds to make room to bring in more?

    No, my birds gave birth and I have babies. I cannot keep them (9
    budgies is a bit too much). When I went to Florida over the summer (a
    summer ago) to visit my Dad and his family, my birds laid eggs on the
    floor of the cage, So my mom calls me up and ask what she should do. I
    told her to let them be, adding a nest box would insure they'll have
    more eggs if these eggs are infertile. Then when a week before I leave
    Florida(3 an dhalf week slater) Mom calls me up and says we have baby
    birds! lol. I then tell her to put in a nest box so the birds wont die
    on the bottom of the cage, and put the babies inside the box, and well
    they were all raised up and I've had them for a yr. And I really
    cannot keep 9 budgies. All in my room. Too much of a hastle. I've been
    posting "for free" for actually quite a few months now, and have said
    a couple years ago I was interested in a larger parrot but will do A
    LOT of research before getting one. A cockatoo. But was doing a lot of
    research on it. And the bird rescue in near me got in contact with me
    very recently. But no, me placing my budgies up for free is not to
    make room for another bird, because a cockatoo would not be in my room
    where if a budgie or finch flew on the cage it would bite its feet or
    whole leg off. I would keep all my budgies, but liek I said its too
    much of a hastle. And they are well behaved and well trained and tame.
    I'll only give them to a good home only, and they must be qualified to
    my standards. :)

    Thanks for your concern, yes I think it sounds a bit iffy if I didnt
    know the whole story, lol.