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Re: Awesome Pic.......Thanks

Posted by Kitty.J on 11/19/06
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    On 11/19/06, Brian wrote:
    > On 11/19/06, Penny Jean wrote:
    >> Hey Brian!
    > Awesome Pic! Thanks
    > Brian

    You guys are weird. And thank you both. But Im going to wait some time until I get
    my bird. It may not even be one of the ones I listed because there are soo many
    birds out their. I cant be so picky, who knows a even smaller bird like a goffin
    or something like that may make me fall in love with it and it'll want me. I
    always let the birds choose me instead me choose the bird.

    The only thing I cant find is how much they should cost monthly, Vet Bills non-
    included. I volunteer at a wild life rescue and I know a great avian vet that will
    see my birds for free (friend's friend of the family) at the wild life rescue I
    volunteer for, so if anything ever happened I could see if she could see the bird.
    But I'd ofcourse pay her, 100% that goes to the rescue goes for the animals.

    I know what foods the birdie will be able to eat, and what they should eat.
    For my budgies and finches seed, and fresh foods cost me about;
    $15 a month for bird seed
    $10 every 3-4wks for fresh foods like breads, cheese(whenever I do give it), fresh
    veggies; carrots, greens, nuts.

    Plus I do cook every now and again for my birds. I bake bird muffins and scramble
    eggs up.

    And I read every day I should make something and/or give fresh foods to the

    Shouldnt be a problem. But any feed back about what i said?