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Re: Awesome Pic.......Thanks

Posted by Brian on 11/19/06
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    On 11/19/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    > On 11/19/06, Brian wrote:
    >> On 11/19/06, Penny Jean wrote:
    >>> Hey Brian!
    >> Awesome Pic! Thanks
    >> Brian
    > You guys are weird. And thank you both. But Im going to wait some time until I get
    > my bird. It may not even be one of the ones I listed because there are soo many
    > birds out their. I cant be so picky, who knows a even smaller bird like a goffin
    > or something like that may make me fall in love with it and it'll want me. I
    > always let the birds choose me instead me choose the bird.
    > The only thing I cant find is how much they should cost monthly, Vet Bills non-
    > included. I volunteer at a wild life rescue and I know a great avian vet that will
    > see my birds for free (friend's friend of the family) at the wild life rescue I
    > volunteer for, so if anything ever happened I could see if she could see the bird.
    > But I'd ofcourse pay her, 100&37; that goes to the rescue goes for the animals.
    > I know what foods the birdie will be able to eat, and what they should eat.
    > For my budgies and finches seed, and fresh foods cost me about;
    > $15 a month for bird seed
    > $10 every 3-4wks for fresh foods like breads, cheese(whenever I do give it), fresh
    > veggies; carrots, greens, nuts.
    > Plus I do cook every now and again for my birds. I bake bird muffins and scramble
    > eggs up.
    > And I read every day I should make something and/or give fresh foods to the
    > cockatoo.
    > Shouldnt be a problem. But any feed back about what i said?


    You have a total grasp on what your bird food costs you already. As far as adding
    another newbie into your family and the costs, I don't think that you will even
    notice that much of a difference if you keep making alot of their food for them.
    I think choosing a Goffin is a great choice. They are so sweet and loveable, but
    mind you they are still a cockatoo. I would suggest rescuing one from a local rescue
    if there is one near you. And preferrably an older one at that. It seems that older
    ones have been through alot of the mishaps in their lives and hopefully, HOPEFULLY,
    would prove to be a muich better bird for you rather than one from an infant and
    raising it. Just my opinion of course. But you have read enough to know the quirks.

    Good luck in your endeavors.