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Re: Getting a cockatoo

Posted by alvin on 3/12/09
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    On 10/14/08, Erin wrote:
    > On 11/16/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> Many of you may know me, or not. And may know that since I
    >> was young I fell in love with a white cockatoo. Later i
    >> learned that was a sulfur crested cockatoo. And later(I
    >> wont be getting the bird now) I will be getting either a
    >> greater solfur crested cockatoo or a pink cockatoo. I am
    >> well informed about problems, housing, and cost, and all
    >> of that. But I dont want two cockatoos and am torn in half
    >> about which to get. These both are both great birds.. any
    >> suggestions or comments. Or stories about your birds is
    >> appreciated thanks!
    > I have a rose-breasted Cockatoo, that I love to death, he is
    > actually my service bird. But here is what I need to say,
    > they are really needy and can cause alot of pain. They pack
    > a bite.
    > Please go to for even more information on any of
    > the cockatoos.

    WOW rosies are needy! I have rosies and elanoras and I have
    owned umbrellas and moluccan cockatoos and the rosies are much
    more independant and self sufficent . Rosies are great pets