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Re: Getting a cockatoo

Posted by Parronts on 3/13/09
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    On 3/12/09, alvin wrote:
    > On 11/16/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> Many of you may know me, or not. And may know that since I
    >> was young I fell in love with a white cockatoo. Later i
    >> learned that was a sulfur crested cockatoo. And later(I
    >> wont be getting the bird now) I will be getting either a
    >> greater solfur crested cockatoo or a pink cockatoo. I am
    >> well informed about problems, housing, and cost, and all
    >> of that. But I dont want two cockatoos and am torn in half
    >> about which to get. These both are both great birds.. any
    >> suggestions or comments. Or stories about your birds is
    >> appreciated thanks!
    > Get a rosie they are great

    RoseBreasted Cockatoo's are wonderful clowns! Very independent
    and easy to please and care for. Have to watch diet they are
    very high risk for fatty liver disease. We have 2 Rosies and
    have had Umbrellas, Sulfer's, Mullucans, Goffins and now that
    we rehomed all the others, our Rosies will stay with us, and
    our 3 Cags, Tag, B&G Macaw,2 Scarlet Macaws and Greenwing

    Rosebreasted Cockatoo