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Re: Getting a cockatoo

Posted by Jesus Hernandez on 3/19/09
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    On 1/14/09, Rick wrote:
    > On 1/14/09, petparrots wrote:
    >> On 12/30/08, think hard wrote:
    >>> I really don't recommend cockatoos as pets. They have
    >> horrendous
    >>> dander. It can make you very sick. Plus, they are very,very
    >>> destructive. The screaming causes a problem if you live in the
    >>> city. If you do decide you want one, I would really, really
    >>> encourage you to go with a smaller one like a ducorps or a
    >>> goffin. If I could live with a dusty bird, I would choose one
    >> of
    >>> those.
    >>> is not exaggerating at all!
    >> I agree, especially male cockatoos, they DO NOT makes good pets
    >> at all. You couldnt pay me billion dollars to take one in! After
    >> 27 years Id never take in or adopt/buy a U2 or M2!
    > is a great place to start BEFORE you get any Cockatoo.
    > I have both M2 and U2. Both older males. Yes, they are extremely
    > dusty, but with daily mistings this can be reduced. The M2 moreso
    > than the U2. The M2 loves to destroy whereas the U2 does not. Our U2
    > is not a wood chewer. On in the family is definitely enough.
    > As for their personalities, they are the sweetest, loveable when
    > they want to be, crankiest, moodiest, unpredictable at times, most
    > comical fellows I have ever seen. I'm not sure if Cockatoos in
    > general are more skiddish than others, but ours seem to be. But,
    > this is their nature, just as other birds have their own quirky
    > little behaviors. Not the best for kids in my opinion. They can pack
    > a powerful bite.
    > The M2 is noisey, whereas the U2 is cute to listen to.
    > We have Macaws that are far more noisier and sometimes more
    > obnoxious than the Toos. Talk about cranky and moody at times. Geesh!
    > Toos DO make great pets, but only to those who understand them and
    > their behaviors. Not for everyone. They can be very demanding and
    > yet Not. Reading their body language is a definite must, and being
    > alert when in their presence as they can be quick to spaz on you
    > with joy. The have their own unique way of playing and displaying
    > for you. The get so excited at times. Just like little kids that
    > bounce off the walls with to much sugar. Needless to say we watch
    > the sugar content they receive.