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Re: Getting a cockatoo

Posted by Jesus Hernandez on 3/19/09
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    On 3/19/09, Jesus Hernandez wrote:
    Sorry, first post. I have a rescued female M2 age 12 and an adopted male M2 age 7. They
    are only for experienced bird people. They are the most beautiful, intelligent, happiest, most
    joyful, playful creatures at times and bring me a lot of joy and amusement. They can both be
    very cuddly and love to be held and petted. They can also be deafning, destructive,
    unpredictable, moody, hormonal, dangerous, and obnoxious. They are friends one day and
    try to kill each other the next. They cannot be housed together for fear that one will really
    kill the other. They can only be together with supervision. When they are being nice and
    loving to each other it is a beautiful thing. If you have the patience of job and can tolerate a
    lot of noise and mess you will be rewarded with an amazing empathic creature in an M2
    otherwise stick with a medium size bird like a conure. Although noisy at times they are very
    sweet and easy to care for and mostly predictable. I have 2 suns and they are gorgeous
    sweet babies but nothing like the toos which sometimes make me feel like I have two kids
    living with me as they are needy and demanding and prone to tantrums.

    > On 1/14/09, Rick wrote:
    >> On 1/14/09, petparrots wrote:
    >>> On 12/30/08, think hard wrote:
    >>>> I really don't recommend cockatoos as pets. They have
    >>> horrendous
    >>>> dander. It can make you very sick. Plus, they are very,very
    >>>> destructive. The screaming causes a problem if you live in the
    >>>> city. If you do decide you want one, I would really, really
    >>>> encourage you to go with a smaller one like a ducorps or a
    >>>> goffin. If I could live with a dusty bird, I would choose one
    >>> of
    >>>> those.
    >>>> is not exaggerating at all!
    >>> I agree, especially male cockatoos, they DO NOT makes good pets
    >>> at all. You couldnt pay me billion dollars to take one in! After
    >>> 27 years Id never take in or adopt/buy a U2 or M2!
    >> is a great place to start BEFORE you get any Cockatoo.
    >> I have both M2 and U2. Both older males. Yes, they are extremely
    >> dusty, but with daily mistings this can be reduced. The M2 moreso
    >> than the U2. The M2 loves to destroy whereas the U2 does not. Our U2
    >> is not a wood chewer. On in the family is definitely enough.
    >> As for their personalities, they are the sweetest, loveable when
    >> they want to be, crankiest, moodiest, unpredictable at times, most
    >> comical fellows I have ever seen. I'm not sure if Cockatoos in
    >> general are more skiddish than others, but ours seem to be. But,
    >> this is their nature, just as other birds have their own quirky
    >> little behaviors. Not the best for kids in my opinion. They can pack
    >> a powerful bite.
    >> The M2 is noisey, whereas the U2 is cute to listen to.
    >> We have Macaws that are far more noisier and sometimes more
    >> obnoxious than the Toos. Talk about cranky and moody at times. Geesh!
    >> Toos DO make great pets, but only to those who understand them and
    >> their behaviors. Not for everyone. They can be very demanding and
    >> yet Not. Reading their body language is a definite must, and being
    >> alert when in their presence as they can be quick to spaz on you
    >> with joy. The have their own unique way of playing and displaying
    >> for you. The get so excited at times. Just like little kids that
    >> bounce off the walls with to much sugar. Needless to say we watch
    >> the sugar content they receive.