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Re: Feathers growing in? Takes all kinds!

Posted by Brian on 11/20/06
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    On 11/20/06, ^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^ wrote:
    > On 11/20/06, Brian wrote:
    >> Just a tip for you. When you make an account they will ask you
    >> to pick an AVATAR (picture) this get you an account much faster.
    >> If you get denied, usually because of an unusual name now,
    >> becomme of so many spammers, return email to them asking for an
    >> account and you will be all set.
    >> Brian
    > So in other words, you have to beg to get beat up?

    Geesh! This comment must be from one of Americas' finest citizens.
    What mentality rate does this person possess?

    quote: you have to beg to get beat up?

    But we love'em anyways, at least they are here getting some kind of
    an Education. May as well start here.