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Re: Feathers growing in? Takes all kinds!

Posted by Kitty.J on 11/21/06
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    On 11/21/06, Brian wrote:
    > On 11/21/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> Oh gosh, they forum administrators probably think Im going to Spam..
    >> This si my third time trying to make an account.. lol.. maybe I should
    >> wait a couple days to see if my account has been approved. O.o
    > Yes, you probablly should. If you submit too many you will most likely not
    > get an account. They will think you are a spammer.
    > If you get an email stating that your account was "not accepted", email
    > them back and explain who you are and why you want to join the forum.
    > This may happen as so many people are using unusual names for accounts.
    > Best of luck to you.
    > Brian

    Yes and I unformiliar with having to register and wait to be approved to be
    on a forum.. oh well. Patience is virtue.. so they say... lol