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Re: Question about quaratine

Posted by Jo-Ann on 11/22/06
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    On 11/22/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    > Hi All! :)
    > I have a question. Since when I do get my cockatoo, in the
    > future. Do I need to quaratine it? Like what if the bird
    > has recently been to the vet in the past 4months, and is
    > healthy, would i need to quaratine it? Not liek Im getting
    > pne from the petstore, where people of all sorts and kinds
    > com ein and may have a diseased bird at home that was
    > recently on there jacket. But a bird that I may rescue
    > from a couple that is no longer able to care for it and is
    > healthy... gosh I seem to be repeating myself, and think
    > Im not making myself clear enough... oi... lol
    > Mercedez

    I have been wondering the same thing. Even if you
    quarantine a bird in the house - wouldn't any air-bourne
    stuff get to the other birds anyway? What about getting a
    bird from a reputable pet store, bird store or breeder?
    What if you take the bird to the vet before bringing it home?

    I've been in bird stores where they will let other birds in
    to socialize with the new member of the family before taking
    him home.

    Mercedez, it's not too clear to me either.