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Re: Clicker Training

Posted by KittyJ on 1/13/07
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    On 12/07/06, helpful wrote:
    > On 12/07/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> On 11/27/06, helpful wrote:
    >>> On 11/27/06, KittyJ wrote:
    >>>> Does anyone have any good sites or advice on clicker
    >>>> training? I wouldnt mindl earning how to do this :) Thanks
    >>> I guess your computer doesn't come with a search engine?
    >>> USE IT!
    >> I did... and all I found on it was what clicker training was
    >> not how to start and how to progress through it. Does your
    >> head have a brain?
    > You didn't look that hard.

    .. thats yahoo.. I could've looked for it there, but didnt want to
    because I would rather not "sigh" up for anything. Thanks for
    your "help"