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Re: Clicker Training

Posted by Brian on 11/28/06
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    On 11/28/06, Cindy A wrote:
    > On 11/27/06, KittyJ wrote:
    >> Does anyone have any good sites or advice on clicker
    >> training? I wouldnt mindl earning how to do this :) Thanks


    Well said. I agree with your reasonings too. I had thought
    about the clicker training for my birds, but it was suggested
    that I try and use my mouth to make a clicking sound moreso
    than using some device. Just as you stated "emergencies" arise
    and you have no time to be searching for your clicker when you
    have a desperate situation on your hands. And believe me, it
    does happen!
    Thanks for your Great Advice, hope others learn from it.


    > You may find more info on clicker training for dogs than for
    > birds. I am not a fan of the whole concept. If you train any
    > animal to obey your comand when it hears a noise (as in the
    > clicker) it seems to me that you are also, even if
    > unintentionally, training it to NOT obey unless they hear
    > that sound. Unless you will always have the clicker in hand,
    > you will not be able to have the bird do what you want. If
    > you think of all of the unexpected things that may happen,
    > you can imagine the possible problems with this system. I
    > only shudder at what may have happened if I had used this
    > system a while back when I accidentally left the cage door
    > for my Goffin's Too open when changing her water. She got
    > and went to the highest point. That was my pionus's cage. He
    > likes to hang upside down from the bars on the top. She went
    > up there and bit the underside of his toe! It was like a
    > horror movie. The screaming (the pi and the too) the dogs
    > barking, the cats yelling, the other 3 birds making all
    > of nioses I'd never heard before. There is no way I would
    > have been able to use a clicker, or even been able to
    > where it was or get it in time, to have the Too step up so I
    > could get her off of the other cage and back in her own so I
    > could quickly tend to first aid for the poor pi that almost
    > lost his toe.
    > That may be an extreme case of a possible problem. That is
    > the kind of question that you need to think about when
    > something sounds too good to be true. I don't think you will
    > find any of the negatives on any web site that is trying to
    > sell this clicker system. That makes you a very wise "bird
    > mom" for asking on a site that would be aware of the
    > as well as the pluses. It doesn't matter what the item is
    > that is for sale- if someone is going to make $ from you
    > buying it, they will only tell you the good points and will
    > down play the problems if they mention them at all.
    > Cindy A