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Re: Clicker Training

Posted by Kitty.J on 12/07/06
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    Oh I just wanted to learn more about clicker training. Im never
    going to do it, but its always a good thing to know about. I
    want a companion bird, who will defend me and his territory
    through bites and all that, I just wanted to learn more about
    it. To me its not right, just as you guys said, I agree with ya.
    But I just wanted the main info on how people start it and etc
    etc. I dont want to do it, but the volunteer who Im talking
    about wants to know a few things about clicker training for
    birds. People say dont clip your birds wings, with clicker
    training you can go outside with your bird without it flying
    away or have it come back. I say, well, thats just like being
    trained to work somewhere you may like the person or not but
    your still trained and when introduced to a newer environment
    you may want to stay. I rather have a bird fly back to me out of
    love not because it thinks its getting a treat. Thanks!