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Re: Plucking Goffin...Help!

Posted by Brian on 12/06/06
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    On 12/06/06, Alison wrote:
    > On 12/06/06, Worried wrote:
    > She has not been to the vet since she
    >> started plucking, but has been to an avian vet within the
    >> last 6 months. I don't think she is sick...besides the
    >> plucking all of her other behavior is normal.
    > _______________________________________________
    > I would still bring her in for some bloodwork, even if she
    > was healthy at her last visit, prior to the plucking. Once
    > you are sure you can rule out a medical reason, you can
    > safely on the behavioral aspect. If you do go to the vet,
    > ask him/her what his/her opinion is on using Quell. I have
    > had great success with this product. I believe it is
    > it not only contains a bitter apple type ingredient to
    > discourage plucking, it also contains an anesthetic to calm
    > the irritation caused by plucking. The irritation itself
    > bring on more plucking in an effort to try and alleviate the
    > irritation, and so on and so on. That's why I like Quell as
    > opposed to any of the other products on the market. Good
    > luck. -Alison-


    Just curious. You said you brought another bird into your home
    about 5 months ago. Do you recall when your little G2 starting
    the plucking. This could very well have some relation to the
    plucking as G2s are/can be very emotional birds.
    Are you possibly showing the new bird more attention than the
    G2? He may be jealous. Are they roomies, not necessarily in
    same cage, but side by side in their cages? HOw has his
    behvaiour changed since bringing in the "Newbie"?
    I know, so many questions, but could be something very minute
    as to his behaviour change. Hope this helps.