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Re: Plucking Goffin...Help!

Posted by gwen on 12/07/06
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    I just wondered if you've recently moved her to another area of the house?? My miligold
    started plucking after I moved him to a different room so I moved him back to where he
    originally was and he has not plucked since. He was 13 when he started plucking but
    just the different room made all the difference. Have you changed any other small
    things? Different furniture? I've noticed that the smallest change to you and I is
    sometimes a HUGE change to the fids and they don't adjust well. I picked my brain for
    almost a week before I realized what my miligold's problem was. Think of any little
    thing you've changed, maybe that is part of the problem but then again maybe it isn't. I
    would definately go to the vet just to be safe :) good luck ... keep us posted!

    On 12/07/06, Worried wrote:
    > On 12/06/06, Brian wrote:
    >> On 12/06/06, Alison wrote:
    >>> On 12/06/06, Worried wrote:
    > Thanks Brian and Alison for the responses, I really appreciate it.
    > The plucking started about 1 month ago and we have had our
    > "newbie" bird for about 5 months. They are not housed together.
    > My G2 does not really like the "newbie," but does not seemed
    > stressed by him. She is pretty indifferent to him. I will
    > definitely take your advice and talk to my vet. I really
    > appreciate the help!