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Re: personalities don't mesh

Posted by Jo-Ann on 12/28/06
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    First of all, what kind of bird do you have? how old was
    he/she when you got him/her? Did you have contact before
    purchasing? Do you play with him and give him time outside
    the cage? Do you cuddle with him?

    A bird needs more then food, water and a few toys. They
    need you! They want a mate, without another of his kind you
    will do just fine.

    If you answere the above questions it will clarify the
    situation and others on the board will be able to give more
    specific advice.


    On 12/28/06, anon wrote:
    > i bought a bird several months ago. i take good care of
    > him but can't say that i like him. i feel bad. i wonder if
    > i should rehome him. i don't want him to be shifted from
    > home to home or be mistreated. any suggestions?