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Re: Goffin Cockatoo fighting each other

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 1/02/07
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    On 1/02/07, Sally wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I just got a pair of imported Goffin Cackatoo. I was told
    > they were proven. First they seem to be ok in the same
    > cage. Two days after I introduced them the nest box, they
    > started to fight each other badly. I think they both are
    > males. I wonder sexing the cockatoo by the color of their
    > eys is 100&37; accurate. I put them in seperate cage now.
    > They seem to like each other when they are in seperated
    > cages sit next to each other. Thanks for any input.

    Sexing by the eye color is not 100% accurate. Get a DNA test
    done !!
    I was sold a "PROVEN" pair of Mexican RedHead Amazons....
    the male almost killed the female. ( broke her wing & beak)
    After contacting the girl that sold them to me, she then
    admitted that they were NOT proven. After tracing their leg
    bands, I discoverd that he was a pet & she was a breeder,
    that had been passed from home to home, sold as a "proven
    pair". I separated them, & sold them to 2 DIFFERENT homes.
    He is now the PET he deserves to be, & she was sold as a
    breeder. (only after she was completey healed)
    Good luck with your Goffins.
    Meeko's Mom