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Re: Goffin Cockatoo fighting each other

Posted by Jo-Ann on 1/04/07
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    >> Sexing by the eye color is not 100&37; accurate. Get a DNA
    > test
    >> done !!
    >> I was sold a "PROVEN" pair of Mexican RedHead Amazons....
    >> the male almost killed the female. ( broke her wing & beak)
    >> After contacting the girl that sold them to me, she then
    >> admitted that they were NOT proven. After tracing their leg
    >> bands, I discoverd that he was a pet & she was a breeder,
    >> that had been passed from home to home, sold as a "proven
    >> pair". I separated them, & sold them to 2 DIFFERENT homes.
    >> He is now the PET he deserves to be, & she was sold as a
    >> breeder. (only after she was completey healed)
    >> Good luck with your Goffins.
    >> Meeko's Mom

    Meeko's Mom, it's nice to see some people with a conscience and
    took the initiative to make a wrong right. Too bad the people
    before you didnít do the right thing. Both birds would have
    spent more time doing what they should have been instead of
    being miserable.

    Kudos to you!