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Re: Goffin Cockatoo fighting each other

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 1/04/07
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    On 1/04/07, Jo-Ann wrote:
    >>> Sexing by the eye color is not 100&37; accurate. Get a DNA
    >> test
    >>> done !!
    >>> I was sold a "PROVEN" pair of Mexican RedHead Amazons....
    >>> the male almost killed the female. ( broke her wing & beak)
    >>> After contacting the girl that sold them to me, she then
    >>> admitted that they were NOT proven. After tracing their leg
    >>> bands, I discoverd that he was a pet & she was a breeder,
    >>> that had been passed from home to home, sold as a "proven
    >>> pair". I separated them, & sold them to 2 DIFFERENT homes.
    >>> He is now the PET he deserves to be, & she was sold as a
    >>> breeder. (only after she was completey healed)
    >>> Good luck with your Goffins.
    >>> Meeko's Mom
    > Meeko's Mom, it's nice to see some people with a conscience and
    > took the initiative to make a wrong right. Too bad the people
    > before you didnít do the right thing. Both birds would have
    > spent more time doing what they should have been instead of
    > being miserable.
    > Kudos to you!

    Thanks !! I don't know how she ever survived !! I traced their
    leg bands back to 4 different homes before mine. (all in a matter
    of months)
    I hate that I got "ripped off" by the seller. But, I knew that I
    had to do the right thing !! I still keep in touch with the
    people that bought both birds.... they are doing GREAT. I'm
    attaching a photo of the female. Sad huh? I named her Betty Lou,
    after my mother-in-law, that was injured in the hands of a nursing
    home.... the new owner kept her name.