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Post: My Newest Member to our Flock

Posted by Mercedez on 1/31/07

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    Hello Everyone

    I have a secret. And it involves a cockatoo. Well after
    MANY MANY years of wanting one, and studying. Oh yes the
    studying. Thinking I may make a bad parront to a cockatoo
    because of what I read off of mytoos, but that also made
    me studying even more. And well. To make a long story
    short. Back in November a week before Thanksgiving I got
    in contact with Mollywood, and well.. The day after
    Thanksgiving. I became officialy a Too owner. A Umbrella
    Too that is. And we're doing great!

    It took Bokka a couple weeks to totally get used to
    everything around the house from; the occasional
    arguements, yelling, hollering, singing, regular noises,
    laughing, and everything from changing food diet from all
    seeds and pasta - - to a seed/pellet and fresh greens/
    veggies and fruits, to cooked foods every day :) He eats
    everything I eat. And more! Luckily I am a healthy eater ;)

    But to be honest. I dont think it took him too long to get
    use to us. I think it was takign us longer to get used to
    a needy velcro Too. He is officially "My bird" Im "his"
    female. He prefers females. And he is finally "OK" with my
    mom. He wont try and kill her.. or the men around the
    hosue like he use to. However he will get defensive
    looking when males are around but he has settled down
    GREATLY. And thats in 2 months time. I think he will do
    GREAT in our family. He is my love. He's 12yo only 5 yrs
    younger than me. It gladdens my heart him and I will grow
    old together. And most likely we'll die together. Im so
    happy. I just wanted to finally tell you Too people that I
    am not and have been a Too owner.. err...slave for the
    past 2 months. And well We're doing good :)

    Oh by the way. His name is Bokka. :) It was Blanca.. but
    he at first said his name, then started to say " Blokka"
    because we started to call him "Awww what a cute BOK BOK"
    lol, and soo... he changed his name to Bokka. lol. PLus
    its easier on our tongues.. dont really like saying the
    name "blanca" well anywho. Thanks for listenign to me :)

    ~* aka KittyJ *~

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