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Re: My Newest Member to our Flock

Posted by Brian on 1/31/07
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    On 1/31/07, Mercedez wrote:
    > Hello Everyone
    > I have a secret. And it involves a cockatoo. Well after
    > MANY MANY years of wanting one, and studying. Oh yes the
    > studying. Thinking I may make a bad parront to a cockatoo
    > because of what I read off of mytoos, but that also made
    > me studying even more. And well. To make a long story
    > short. Back in November a week before Thanksgiving I got
    > in contact with Mollywood, and well.. The day after
    > Thanksgiving. I became officialy a Too owner. A Umbrella
    > Too that is. And we're doing great!
    > It took Bokka a couple weeks to totally get used to
    > everything around the house from; the occasional
    > arguements, yelling, hollering, singing, regular noises,
    > laughing, and everything from changing food diet from all
    > seeds and pasta - - to a seed/pellet and fresh greens/
    > veggies and fruits, to cooked foods every day :) He eats
    > everything I eat. And more! Luckily I am a healthy eater ;)
    > But to be honest. I dont think it took him too long to get
    > use to us. I think it was takign us longer to get used to
    > a needy velcro Too. He is officially "My bird" Im "his"
    > female. He prefers females. And he is finally "OK" with my
    > mom. He wont try and kill her.. or the men around the
    > hosue like he use to. However he will get defensive
    > looking when males are around but he has settled down
    > GREATLY. And thats in 2 months time. I think he will do
    > GREAT in our family. He is my love. He's 12yo only 5 yrs
    > younger than me. It gladdens my heart him and I will grow
    > old together. And most likely we'll die together. Im so
    > happy. I just wanted to finally tell you Too people that I
    > am not and have been a Too owner.. err...slave for the
    > past 2 months. And well We're doing good :)
    > Oh by the way. His name is Bokka. :) It was Blanca.. but
    > he at first said his name, then started to say " Blokka"
    > because we started to call him "Awww what a cute BOK BOK"
    > lol, and soo... he changed his name to Bokka. lol. PLus
    > its easier on our tongues.. dont really like saying the
    > name "blanca" well anywho. Thanks for listenign to me :)
    > ~* aka KittyJ *~

    I wish you and Bokka a lifetime of happiness.