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Re: Lets tak about cockatoos :)

Posted by phil/wild on 3/11/07
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    On 3/11/07, phil/wild wrote:
    > On 3/11/07, phil/wild wrote:
    >> On 3/11/07, Phil/Wild wrote:
    >>> On 3/11/07, KittyJ wrote:
    >>>> Ok Im am tired of seeing that "Help" thread an dthen
    >>>> clicking on it and not being to see what they were talking
    >>>> about and all. So I make this new thread. Ltes talk about
    >>>> our Toos. What kind of Toos does everyone have in their
    >>>> family here, or "owned" by a too. Post pics if you like :)
    > Here are my G2's trying to figure out the right
    > I purchased them from Gail Worth as "proven" but I think they
    > need somemore practice. this video was taken last feb 2006.
    > Phil/Wild