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Re: Lets talk about cockatoos :)

Posted by KittyJ on 3/11/07
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    On 3/11/07, Lora wrote:
    > I live happily with a rose breasted,Sydney 11yrs old, an
    > umbrella, Bradley, and Gabriel(the sweetest thing you will
    > ever meet) both around 10 and a bare eyed male FORMER
    > breeder now just looker. I do need a little a advice or
    > maybe words of encouragement from NICE REAL PARROT PEOPLE
    > I took a female bare eyed female from an aquaintance that
    > had purchased them sight unseen for breeding, well, the
    > female was beat to *&^$, so I had the owner bring them BOTH
    > in for complete work ups. I took the female to live with
    > me, then my new house was finish and their owner gave me the
    > male. Everything was fine until the first week of Feb., I
    > was going to NY city with my niece (she had never been,
    > 21yrs old) and I must have not clicked my Bradleys (U2) cage
    > closed (he must be in a totaly escape proof cage) While I
    > was gone he let out his buddy (the Bare eyed, I caught them
    > many times preening each other when they were out
    > excerising.) They got out of the bird room, (again my
    > fault) I never shut the door and broke into the bare eyed
    > females cage (she lived in the livingroom) and pretty much
    > chewed her up(a very bad wound on her left wing main joint
    > and many bites to the face, head and feet) (I know it was
    > the male, Bradley never bit another bird) I drove her 3
    > hours to the vet (just moved didnt an avian vet up here yet)
    > and he didn't give her much of chance but I could put her
    > down so I gave her meds and changed her bandages and washed
    > her wounds for two weeks, just when I thought she was going
    > to make she just fell off her perch and was dead in less
    > then a minute. We had a beautiful fire pyre for her.
    > So, I have a bared eyed male that I hate, I know it isn't
    > his fault, but my emotions get the better of me. And anyone
    > reading this, I won't have him put down, I will continue to
    > feed, water and let him have his time out of his cage like
    > my pets because that is the way he should be treated. He
    > will never be a pet but now I keep him in a cage Bradley
    > cannot break into.
    > So I do LOVE my birds and will keep him until I pass away
    > or he does because I know he should NEVER EVER be put in a
    > breeding situation. And he will never be a pet either. So
    > what a person to do but care for him.
    > I am sure there is a hundred bird beggers out there that
    > will take hime in, then when they "discover" he isn't a good
    > pet either lock him in a cage forever and he will live on
    > walmart parrot "food" or sell him as a breeder and another
    > female will lose her life to him.
    > Lora

    Oh Lora, Im so sorry *Hugs*
    This is why Cockatoos shouldnt be bred, I think they definetly
    need a locked cage UNLESS they are the only bird kept in the
    house, or the room. But I am so sorry. If you need to talk
    more about this, or need help finding people out there or
    anything, you can email me. I have a great list of recourses
    where you can go to, and great trustable people that will help
    you out. I can only say. Still give him a lot of love. He
    didnt mean it. He is in captivity and his hormones are raging.
    This is the season for raging hormones from our Toos and
    parrots. In the wild they wouldnt be like this because needs
    are met, and they learn flock behavior and do's and donts.