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Re: Lets talk about cockatoos :)

Posted by cheri on 3/12/07
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    On 3/11/07, phil/wild wrote:
    > On 3/11/07, KittyJ wrote:
    >> Micky, I had to laugh at your post. I have no idea what your saying
    >> lol
    >> Phil. I thought th vids were cute. Your birds are beautiful! I want
    >> to build a large outside enclosure for Bokka, and my fid family,
    >> that would be just too cool :)
    > Thanks Kitty. Here is my Boy Ziggy. i love them all!

    I saw this and it looked fun... I am so sorry Lora ... Me My name is
    Cheri and I have a wonderful Goffin he is a cuddle bug.. last night he
    was acting really weird he fell in love with my so the
    breeding thing ok. he is a very well behaved bird rarely makes a noise
    unless he wants something, other than that just rides with me or hangs
    on his cage or plays with his toys, He is my first too.. i have others
    he joins a Mustache parakeet, quaker and jenday as well as teils.. we
    have a very happy little flock going on here no problems.. it is fun to
    see your photos unfortunatley I was unable to see the vidio ): .. well
    thanks for letting me join in...