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Re: Lets talk about cockatoos :)

Posted by Kitty on 3/16/07
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    > As far as affording your birds, you couldn't offer me a cockatoo for free.
    > They are not birds that make good pets, and obviously too costly too
    > maintain, as you've proven by having to sell them.

    They dont make good companions to the common folk who dont understand bird.
    But like any other exotic animal, may it be, a Bear or Tiger or an Elephant
    or an exotic bird or any exotic animal, they take ALOT of time and patience
    and willing to learn. Only special people truly make good companions for
    exotics. I for one think Toos make GREAT companions IF you understand Bird,
    and more if you understand Too language.

    SO in my opinion, like if you were to work with Bear, lions, tigers, any type
    of Exotic, you must MUST MUST be educated, and understand the animal to
    properly work and live with the animals in harmony.