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Re: Lets talk about cockatoos :)

Posted by phil/wild on 3/16/07
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    On 3/16/07, Kitty wrote:
    >> As far as affording your birds, you couldn't offer me a cockatoo for free.
    >> They are not birds that make good pets, and obviously too costly too
    >> maintain, as you've proven by having to sell them.
    > They don't make good companions to the common folk who don't understand bird.
    > But like any other exotic animal, may it be, a Bear or Tiger or an Elephant
    > or an exotic bird or any exotic animal, they take ALOT of time and patience
    > and willing to learn. Only special people truly make good companions for
    > exotics. I for one think Toos make GREAT companions IF you understand Bird,
    > and more if you understand Too language.
    > SO in my opinion, like if you were to work with Bear, lions, tigers, any type
    > of Exotic, you must MUST MUST be educated, and understand the animal to
    > properly work and live with the animals in harmony.
    So true. i would give anything to keep my babies I've been crying for 3 days
    over them. i love them. but what can I do. i can't afford this property.
    thanks for the heads up kitty. I never hurt anyone here or attacked anyone. i
    just don't understand. And when i do get back on my feet i will get one U2 for my
    apt if they let me. They are the most affectionate bird in the world.

    Last nite i had Ziggy out of his cage and i just cried when he put his head on my
    chest to scratch him. he's the only one that can be handled. i just cried and he
    knew i was sad. he was making his wizx sound.

    thank phil/wild