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Re: Kitty?

Posted by KittyJ on 3/12/07
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    On 3/12/07, Bev wrote:
    > Kitty you've not spoken of your cockatoo since you've got
    > him. Everything ok?

    Oh yes. I just havent been here to much. Bokka is doing
    great. I have many pictures of him and me, and many of just
    him. lol.

    Sorry some of them are dark, dont know why some looks so dark

    This one is a bit blurry sorry

    I have a pic of him and me, but It shows to much of me and
    my personal life, and I dont want creeps out there or
    anything, nothing personal, but my trust for this board is
    low, too many creeps out there :(

    But I do post a lot of me and Bokka on other sites. Im a
    member of , great place and you could see my
    birds and me and my family there :)