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Re: Killing me

Posted by Lora on 3/16/07
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    On 3/16/07, KittyJ wrote:
    > On 3/16/07, Phil/Wild wrote:
    >> look at how happy and beautiful Ziggy is. Its killing me i
    >> love my bird like my kids. I mean i wish i had a friend
    >> with a place to rent,with little or no neighbors. But we
    >> have till the end of the month.
    > Im so sorry Phil. If I knew wher eyou live you birds could
    > live with us untill your back on your feet and your welcome
    > to come and check on them all you want. But also there are
    > great people at, that I trust a lot. Many
    > people go through similar problems like yours and they need
    > fellow Perch members to watch their birds in their area, if
    > you asked there, Im sure someone's in your area to care for
    > them untill your back on your feet.

    Ditto for me. I have a big bird room. I took care of
    friends birds for almost a year until her divorce was final
    and she could move on with a permanent place to live. So
    please, if I can help let me know!!