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Re: Killing me

Posted by phil/wild on 3/19/07
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    On 3/19/07, cody wrote:
    > On 3/17/07, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    >> On 3/16/07, Phil/Wild wrote:
    >>> look at how happy and beautiful Ziggy is. Its killing me i
    >>> love my bird like my kids. I mean i wish i had a friend
    >>> with a place to rent,with little or no neighbors. But we
    >>> have till the end of the month.
    >> Phil, Sorry about your divorce. Please don't let the trolls
    >> get under your skin. You have to learn to ignore them !! IF
    >> you respond to their stupid post, it only feeds the flame.
    >> By the way, Ziggy is absolutely gorgeous. But, then again, I
    >> think I mentioned that before when you have posted his
    >> pictures ! LOL
    >> Good luck ...
    > i need help theres a female lesser citron cockatoo at the
    > aviary up for adoption(because she lived with an old couple
    > that couldnt care for her anymore)she HATES EVERYONE....exept
    > for me thats why they recommended i adopt her shes 12 yrs old
    > by the way she costs $2000 origionally but to addopt her only
    > costs $400 should i im only experienced with a parakeet should
    > i switch my order from a hahns macaw to a citron cockatoo i
    > think i'm in love with her im only 14 yrs old so can you
    > respond to me(im willing to take care of her every need!?!?)

    Hi Cody.

    I would stick with the Macaw. Cockatoo's tend to take alot of
    attention. and can be very loud. Thats why they call cockatoo's
    velcro birds they stick to you. They love lots of attention.
    Best of Luck Phil/Wild