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Re: Killing me

Posted by KittyJ on 3/22/07
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    Hi Cody

    Im not sexits or someone who discriminates against age. Been there
    done that. I am only 17, and many folks have said because of being
    a girl, and having birds, I shouldnt get a cockatoo. Well I took
    the step and did. 12 y.o he is passed the major starting points of
    being hormonal. I would DEFIENTLY. Do ALL. Underline All and upper
    size it to the max, because i mean it, do ALL of your research on
    behavior, biting, why birds bite, why they scream, why they do
    this why they do that, this and that, and learn why for anything,
    and I would recommend READ EVERYTHING, And as much
    and so much on the forums, because so many people like you, a
    first time TOO owner asks those Q's (that you may get) and they
    are answered. I would recommend becomming a member on
    Very good if you do. So right now, I would sya do ALL of your
    research on citrons and about cockatoos and bahavior and hormonal
    behavior and all of it! Its good you have parakeet experiece, but
    even that doesnt surpass having a cockatoo in your life and TOO
    experience. If you get this bird, it will live to 40-70yrs of life
    and many more perhaps. So think, are you ready? Mytoos will ready

    Also continue to visit the Citron. I love Toos, and Im glad you do
    too! Its so good to see young people who likemyself are in love
    with these birds. lol. I have always wante da cockatoo, since I
    fell in love with a medium sulfur crested at 4y.o, I have loved
    Toos since. And I was discouraged for a while to actually getting
    one because of Mytoos, but it actually makes you think more and
    more on the subject than ANY OTHER bird site out there. Although
    those are Moluccan cockatoo and Umbrellas and suflur crested but
    it applies to them all. I have a Umbrella cockatoo in my life. And
    BELIEVE ME, It was very difficult in the first month or two, but I
    can say its worth it, worth my life on it. I love Bokka my U2.
    Once you learn body language and all, and know why your bird(s) do
    the things they do, you learn and understand them and all, you'll
    have a great life with the Too.

    While making your decision, research research research and come
    here ask Q's and continue to visit the citron and make a bond with
    her and all :)

    Good luck :)

    My Bokka is 12 y.o too, Im 17. I think its better fo rus two to be
    aorund the same age, so we grow old and die togethwer.