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Re: Killing me

Posted by cheri on 4/12/07
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    On 3/19/07, phil/wild wrote:
    > On 3/19/07, cody wrote:
    >> On 3/17/07, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    >>> On 3/16/07, Phil/Wild wrote:
    >>>> look at how happy and beautiful Ziggy is. Its killing me i
    >>>> love my bird like my kids. I mean i wish i had a friend
    >>>> with a place to rent,with little or no neighbors. But we
    >>>> have till the end of the month.
    >>> Phil, Sorry about your divorce. Please don't let the trolls
    >>> get under your skin. You have to learn to ignore them !! IF
    >>> you respond to their stupid post, it only feeds the flame.
    >>> By the way, Ziggy is absolutely gorgeous. But, then again, I
    >>> think I mentioned that before when you have posted his
    >>> pictures ! LOL
    >>> Good luck ...
    >> i need help theres a female lesser citron cockatoo at the
    >> aviary up for adoption(because she lived with an old couple
    >> that couldnt care for her anymore)she HATES EVERYONE....exept
    >> for me thats why they recommended i adopt her shes 12 yrs old
    >> by the way she costs $2000 origionally but to addopt her only
    >> costs $400 should i im only experienced with a parakeet should
    >> i switch my order from a hahns macaw to a citron cockatoo i
    >> think i'm in love with her im only 14 yrs old so can you
    >> respond to me(im willing to take care of her every need!?!?)
    > Hi Cody.
    > I would stick with the Macaw. Cockatoo's tend to take alot of
    > attention. and can be very loud. Thats why they call cockatoo's
    > velcro birds they stick to you. They love lots of attention.
    > Best of Luck Phil/Wild

    Hello Phil,

    I am so sorry,,, it would kill me too.. I cant even leave on
    Holiday I miss my flock so much... Let me know if I can help I
    would be more then willing.