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Re: Wanted: a cockatoo handicapped or not

Posted by Robert on 3/15/10
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    On 4/13/07, Linda wrote:
    > I would love to have a cockatoo. I am Mom to a blue/gold
    > macaw and he wants a friend. I Would take a handicapped
    > bird. I rescued my macaw from a home where all he knew was
    > pain. He had several claws torn out. we had a cage fixed
    > for him so when he falls off of the perch he doesn't fall
    > far and it is a soft landing. I have had him for 5 years
    > now and it took a while to get his trust but I did!
    > I live in Elkins West Virginia and can travel some.
    I have a yellow lesser crested cockatoo I would give away
    only to a good home to someone who owns a parrot and know all
    of there habits, His name is Punky i've had him 20 some years.
    getting ready to move. not sure how far Elkins is from
    Manassas Virginia. Punky can't fly I got him he has a pellet
    in his wing. but has been a great bird.