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Re: Wanted: a cockatoo handicapped or not

Posted by Tammy on 4/14/07
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    You still may want to buy an air filter, as we have both and the
    Too dust goes everywhere, even into the duct work.


    On 4/14/07, Linda wrote:
    > I didn't know that so I went to my vet this am and asked . She
    > said as long as they are not in the same cage (which I wouldn't
    > do anyway) that it was ok just keep them far away enough away
    > from each other so they can't touch which I think is a good idea
    > anyway. I have a very large home and it is open so I can have
    > them in seperate rooms but they can see each other and talk.
    > Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me that.
    > On 4/14/07, To Jen/Linda wrote:
    >> On 4/13/07, Jen wrote:
    >>> I'm no expert on Macaws.. so I may be wrong. But I always
    >>> heard that Macaws' respiratory systems are very sensitive to
    >>> Cockatoo powder and that they shouldn't be housed in the
    >>> same rooms, and if you decide to do so anyways, you must
    >>> have very rigourous air filtration. Maybe I heard wrong...
    >>> but just thought I'd mention.
    >> Jen you are totally right about that.