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Re: Wanted: a cockatoo handicapped or not

Posted by Jen on 4/14/07
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    I have two Greys (less dusty then 'Toos) and the dust is aweful...
    about all I can take anyways. Was my dream to one day have a flock
    of adopted Greys... but with all that powder, I don't think that
    will be happening for me. It's annoying (in a cleaning sense), but
    aggravating, in a breathing sense sometimes for me.

    The dusts gets into everything, even the TV. The darn birds (and I
    mean their dust here) "broke" my laptop last year 'cause I was dumb
    enough to keep it in the living room/bird room.

    I think if considering a 'Too, you should also get the filter, not
    for the Macaw only, but for your family also. I swear, I never
    thought it would be so irritating (for lack of a better word)... but
    as the years pass I find myself becomming more sensitive. So don't
    automatically think, it doesn't bug me now- it never will.

    The same thing with the Macaw, its not as if it will just "be
    allergic" one day... respiratory distress may start out as wheezing
    when the bird is over-exited (like panting) but progress to having
    problems breathing all the time.

    Air filtration is a serious matter, not anly for the Macaw but for
    you too.

    Please consider this, for YOUR health and the Macaw's. I'm not
    trying to discourage you of getting a 'Too; but please don't take
    the powder situation too lightly... it may affect you someday.
    (Never say never; I find myself more sensitive then before and I do
    have air filters, lots of 'em).

    Thanks and good luck!