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Re: Wanted: a cockatoo handicapped or not

Posted by Jen on 4/15/07
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    I'm sorry if I came across as being judgemental against the vet; that
    was not my intention, and I'm sorry if it came across that way. I was
    just concerned not only for the birds but also for the humans in the
    home since you did not mention any system.

    That must be one heck of a system you have there!

    Good Luck finding a Cockatoo who needs a new home!

    > The vet didn't say I didn't need a filter because I have a filter
    > system that covers every room in my house already and she knows
    > that. When my kids were still at home they had allergies so we got a
    > system that cost several thousand but was well worth it. We had to
    > get rid of all carpets too! That year it cost us $10,000. to allergy
    > proof our home.
    > I like the way everyone is responding and giving me advice. I thank
    > you all. Some groups don't answer at all when you have a question.
    > I know birds are a pain at times, my blue/gold was abused in his
    > last home so he hated everyone when I first got him. He would bite
    > everyone including me and O my that screaming. I think that if these
    > beautiful birds can't be in the wild where they should be the least
    > we can do is love them and make them happy. It took me 3 years
    > before Bingo trusted me to touch him. If you could see him now he
    > hangs onto my chair as I sit here writing cleaning my hair and
    > saying Mother Mother want a kiss? and my heart melts. I still think
    > of the mean nasty people that had him and tore (vet said it looked
    > more like they were smashed with something heavy like a hammer)some
    > of his toes off.
    > Bingo gets only the best foods in a well balanced diet but for a
    > treat he loves going to the MCdonalds drive thru for french fries.
    > I make a lot of his treats so they are healthy and I buy toys in
    > bulk so I can change them around a lot.
    > He cost us a lot but the love we get in return more that makes up
    > for it.
    >> And about what the vet said, about not needing a filter and just
    >> keeping tham apart...
    >> This really confuses me...
    >> It is not healthy for YOU, the MACAW nor the TOO to live in all
    >> that powder without an air filter.
    >> The TOO needs the filter too, it can't be healthy for him either
    >> to have all that dust around.
    >> My vet always told me, get a filter for ME and the GREYS. Though
    >> they make the powder; the are not made to breath in dust in
    >> concentrations in a home without a filter (my wording is aweful
    >> here, I'm so sorry, hope you get my drift).
    >> Thanks.