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Re: Wanted: a cockatoo handicapped or not

Posted by KittyJ on 5/05/07
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    A friend? Gosh that is the most dumbest thing people say and think
    of when they get a new bird " But my older bird wants a friend..."
    Please do research on this... This was say to be rude, but most
    people say that and then they end of gettign rid of the bird. Get
    the bird if YOU want the bird and if YOU can afford it and have
    time and room for it. I dotn know what vet you have, but Macaws
    CANNOT be in the same cage or room as a Too. If the Macaw is
    younger than a yr old, it will die in a few months form breathing
    problems. I also hear since African Greys are also very dusty
    birds they shouldnt be in the same room as a Caw, although I have
    never heard if its safe or not for a Caw and a Grey to be in a
    same room, but I have worked with rescues and sanctions and its a
    big nono to keep a cvaw and a Too in the same room. An dno matter,
    if you get a Too get a air purefyer, you'll have to clean it every
    three days or so though. Also remember to STUDY and RESEARCH as
    mcuh as possible about this. I recommend going to a
    rescue/sanction near you and spending time with the Toos.