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Re: Wanted: a cockatoo handicapped or not---- Linda

Posted by FYI on 5/05/07
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    On 5/05/07, Linda wrote:
    > I already have a cockatoo thank you , I just forgot to remove this
    > ad.
    > KittyJ I take offense at what you posted for many reasons.
    > Before you post advice for anyone I suggest you read the whole
    > message and the replies before you post to see what questions have
    > been answered.
    > #1 You say "A friend? Gosh that is the most dumbest thing people say
    > and think of when they get a new bird "
    > I am NOT a dumb child who just 1 day thought I may want a cockatoo!
    > Before you start calling people dumb maybe you should read over your
    > post? Can you say spell check and grammar check?
    > I have a 20 year old b/l macaw that I have had since he was 15 years
    > old and he is my baby so I would NEVER put his health in jeopardy. I
    > have a system installed in my home to purify the air.
    > I did months of research on cockatoos and I may know more than you
    > do about them. I continue to read everything I find on cockatoos.
    > My friend has a cockatoo and she leaves town a lot and I watch her
    > cockatoo in my home so I do know how to take care of a cockatoo.
    > You say "Get the bird if YOU want the bird and if YOU can afford it
    > and have time and room for it"
    > I have room for a lot of things since I have a 5 bedroom home.
    > Do you really think I would get a bird just because I thought my
    > bird wanted a friend? I got a cockatoo because I wanted one.
    > I just got a new $800.00 cage and $200.00 worth of toys so yes I can
    > afford it!
    > I have my birds in separate rooms but they do have about 4 hours a
    > day to socialize in the
    > same room.
    > I also talked to a woman who keeps her cockatoo and macaw in the
    > same room and has
    > for 15 years without any problems. Now I know it could become a
    > problem but I think
    > every situation is different.
    > You said "I recommend going to a rescue/sanction near you and
    > spending time with the
    > Toos". Great idea and I would love to do that now but there isn't a
    > rescue organization
    > within 100 miles of me.

    Linda, everything you've experienced with Kitty is accurate.
    Kitty has recently acquired a cockatoo from a rescue and now she is the
    pinnacle of cockatoo advice and knowledge.
    To say that she is challenged (politically correct term) would be an
    She and Paul get along famously as they are "birds of a feather."