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Posted by Maddy on 4/20/07

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    This person, claims to be Jennifer Lawson, she is posting
    cockatoos for sale here on B-mart for very very cheap
    prices. I responded to the ad, and here is her responses
    to me below; Sorry The way I posted is kind of backwards,
    so you want to start at the bottom of the post and read up!

    Jennifer wrote

    I know you have shipped bird before,i am shipping via
    Delta and thats needed though its optional so if you do
    not want to provde,then there is no problem.No i do not
    accept a money order,Get the money in cash and send to
    me,This is very fast and efficient for me ok,As soon as
    you do this,then i will have to ship your bird to you.

    I wrote:
    Why do you need my eye color?
    You should not need that to ship a bird. I have shipped
    and received birds alot, never needed to give that info.
    Also why can't I send a money order out to you?

    ----- Original Message ----
    From: jennifer lawson
    Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2007 6:55:47 PM
    Subject: Re: Re: Re:

    I am happy to read from you once more.Actually,
    talking about payments,you will have to do the
    payments via a walmart money gram,That will be easy
    and fast,but before we talk about that,we have to put
    things together and when they are set,then we will go
    ahead with the payments,I will need your full address
    as on the drivers licence and also the name of the
    airport nearest to your location.I will also like to
    know the color of your eye and also your height.
    thanks once more

    I wrote:
    > How will I pay you?
    > Can I mail you a money order?
    > Thanks
    > ----- Original Message ----
    > From: jennifer lawson
    > Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2007 8:09:26 AM
    > Subject: Re: Re:
    > I am located in WA Seattle.Attached to this mail are
    pics of the bird you are about to get.Thanks and get
    back to me soon

    I wrote:
    Where is it again that you live?
    > ----- Original Message ----
    > From: jennifer lawson
    > Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2007 5:39:59 PM
    > Subject: Re: Re:
    > Glad to read from you once more.Oh i am happy for
    > info you made me to know.i will make sure i do not
    > reply him even,thats too poor for him.I am located
    > WA and all i need is a very good home for her.Oh
    > is no need to worry about the shipping cuz i had to
    > find out before i placed my adverts.There will be
    > one problem,time thats what might make you loose
    > preety girl.I need to sell her asap.I can`t keep the
    > bird for you untill its three weeks,no no i can`t do
    > so when other are willing to get her,If you could
    > raise $500.00 then i could send your bird to you and
    > when ever you have the rest in the next three
    > weeks,you send it to me.
    > I will send you pics from the camera back home.
    > thanks


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