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Posted by Linda on 5/05/07
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    The same thing happened to me but with a different person.
    Her name was Mary Stephany, email address She had macaws for sale in a yahoo
    ad. I asked about them and got this response:

    "Could you send us your home address so we can send them to
    our shipping agents, we accept western union money transfer.
    get back to us and the name will be sent to you."

    So I said NO I have a friend who lives in the same town as
    you so I need your address so she can go pay for and get the
    bird for me.

    Her answer was "No I busy person. no time to visit see bird
    you send money to me and I send bird."

    LOL Like I am that dumb but how many people fall for this I
    wonder? What a shame.

    If a macaw or cockatoo is for sale for $250. or $300. Look
    out it may be a scam.